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My first job scouting for motion pictures was on the movie "Legends of the Fall" in 1993. A good Location Manager and scout needs to have the perfect blend of being able to understand the Director and Production Designer's vision and then deliver creative options that can work with that vision. Once the location is selected, the Location Manager must then figure out how a location works logistically given the parameters of each production. ​

Some of my recent highlights as a Location Manager include: 

THE ORDER - Supervising Location Manager - Feature film - AGC/Amazon

ALASKA DAILY - Supervising Location Manager - TV Series - ABC

THE LAST OF US - Location Manager - Streaming Series - HBO

UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN - Supervising Location Manager - Limited Series - FX Networks/Imagine Entertainment

PACHINKO - Supervising Location Manager - Season 1 - Apple TV+

STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND - Supervising Location Manager - mini-series (CBS All Access)

THE TERROR: INFAMY - Location Manager - TV series (AMC)

FARGO SEASON TWO - Location Manager - TV series (FX)

I am a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, and  the Location Managers Guild International (LMGI). I have been nominated for four LMGI awards including Outstanding Period Locations for TV series with Rob Hilton for FARGO SEASON TWO in 2015, 2021 Outstanding Locations in a TV Serial Program,  Anthology or Limited Series for Stephen King's The Stand, and 2022 for Outstanding Locations in a Period TV Series for Pachinko, and for Outstanding Locations in a TV Serial Program, Anthology or Limited Series for Under the Banner of Heaven. In 2021 I was accepted into the Television Academy.

The spring edition of LMGI's Compass magazine featured a cover story about my team's work on Under the Banner of Heaven. click here

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